Is this website free to use?

This service is completely free to use.

How do you stay in business?

We receive a small amount from Amazon, Chegg and when you order through us. There is no additional charge to you. If you want to support, make sure to order using the links provided.

Do you have a Facebook page?

We have a Facebook fan page located HERE.

Is Bookscrooge Accurate?

While great care was taken that all is accurate, Bookscrooge is still in beta PLEASE double check that you are getting the right book. Just click on the link for your schools bookstore and make sure they match up.

Can I use Bookscrooge at other schools?

Currently Bookscrooge is only available at UMBC. If you would like to see this service at your school please Contact Us.

What's this I hear about a fundraiser?

If you are interested in fundraising for your organization by helping us advertise Contact Us.